What are the best places to sleep ?

For a good night’s rest, you need a certain special setting. Sometimes residences do not seem to be suitable for a good night’s sleep. But there are unusual places where sleeping is a pleasure.  Simple places that are perfectly suited to rest.

In a hotel

It is true that hotels are known to be a meeting place for lovers or businessmen. However, the design of hotels is characterised by a soothing calm. But to sleep well, you need peace and quiet and air conditioning. When you choose a hotel, it is exactly a well-defined rest that you choose. There will be no unexpected disturbances or noise to wake you from your sleep. Spending time in a hotel is a way to improve your health. You get a good night’s sleep and your body recovers from the strain etc.

In a boat

This setting may have an adventurous feel to it, but it is the best. Imagine your mind flying across the ocean and all the happiness it brings. In a boat, it is like travelling on another journey. The wind of the ocean, the sound of the waves. This relationship with nature softens your mind and gives you a baby’s sleep. You will feel your body floating on the ocean and the rhythm of the machine cradles your sleep. The feeling of being a child comes over you.

At the Cinema

The place that holds poetry and romance.  Unbelievable, but it’s a wonderful setting! In the cinema, there are people and sound, it’s true! But this sound and this world will give you the ideal sleeping pill to sleep well. The mind has already grasped that you are in this kind of place and so you can sleep peacefully. This is an experience that lovers love. Sleeping in each other’s arms. Take for example the Parisian cinema, not far from the Champs-Elysées. It’s a great place to spend an evening.

In a recording studio

Spend a pleasant night between musical instruments. You can rest well among the consoles. Ze living room studio, in Paris, can offer you this setting.